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A list of outstanding actions for a user
A list of counterparty payments with various categories
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List of options to view/control a user's card account
A form to submit ID documents for review
Graph showing account activity over a period of time

Engine by Starling

Cloud native, modular and entirely API based

Proven to deliver
Endless possibilities. Constant improvements. And the highest levels of availability, with stability and scale built-in.

The Engine SaaS platform is proven to deliver where it matters, whether you’re launching a cost-effective digital bank with self-serve customer journeys, or replatforming your legacy systems.

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Who is Engine for?

Innovative financial products, future-proofed core capabilities, and an employee experience unlike any other. Learn more about what you can achieve on Engine.


Banking products

Delight your customers with feature-rich financial products, from transaction accounts to credit cards and loans.

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Banking capabilities

The capabilities you need to run a bank - and a whole heap of extras to make digital-first banking even better.

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Operational capabilities

Offer best-in-class customer service with highly efficient management tools, so your operational costs don’t grow as you do.

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About our platform

Our technology

Engine is the technology behind Starling Bank - so it’s already powering banking products and capabilities for millions of customers. It’s cloud-native, meaning it offers agility, scalability, availability and lower costs. And because we rely on it to run Britain’s Best Current Account, we’re continually innovating to make it even better.

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  • settingsRich, granular APIs
  • shapesCloud-native, provider agnostic
  • processResilient by design
  • squaresProven scalability
  • worldHighly available
  • junctionFault tolerant
  • eyeZero-trust principles
  • lightbulbConstantly improving

Powered by Engine

Intuitive experiences

Engine makes it easy to design and deliver great banking experiences. Its functionality-rich capabilities can help you win new customers and retain existing ones.

Crucially, everything about Engine is designed with simplicity in mind - so it’s never been easier to build and run a best-in-class bank.

  • Configure a wide range of components quickly to build feature-rich banking products
  • Access our functionality through Management Portal, an intuitive browser-based interface
  • Receive detailed guides on how to integrate with Engine, with a full API reference library
  • Use our SDKs in your mobile app to get to market quickly
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About our platform

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Explore the core benefits of our SaaS banking platform

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Rapid speed to market with all the components you need


Battled-hardened processes and pre-built workflows


Digital by design for self-service customer journeys


Cost efficiency for banks, convenience for customers

Engine by Starling

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Meet the team behind Engine

There’s a clear advantage to what Engine customers get when they work with us: access to the people that have actively shaped the platform that powers Starling, one of the most successful digital banks in the UK.

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