Meet the team

By Team Engine

There’s a clear advantage to what Engine customers get when they work with us: access to the people that have actively shaped the platform that powers Starling, one of the most successful digital banks in the UK. The ability to build, launch and deliver successful financial products quickly is underpinned by the right expertise. And we’ve got that in droves. Want to hear more about what makes our talented bunch tick?

Nate Sanchez-Goodwin

Best-in-class technology sits at the heart of Engine, so our technical team is fundamental to keeping the platform ahead of the field and fit for our clients’ needs. Meet Nate Sanchez-Goodwin, Solution Architect at Engine.

Nate joined Starling Bank over four years ago as an engineer; he now makes sure that Engine’s technical solution is aligned with the needs of our clients. He helps them understand what extra integrations (if any) they might need, and how the solution can best fit their requirements.

Nate works closely with our in-house developers to ensure everyone is building a platform that is aligned for real-world objectives – and that features will make for happier clients and end users.

Over the past few years, Nate’s played an instrumental role in developing Starling's technology and developing the products and features millions of UK customers use everyday. He’s now particularly excited to see people around the world benefit from Engine, too.

Born and raised in Australia, Nate swapped the beautiful Gold Coast for London in 2019 – but in his spare time, he takes plenty of opportunities to get the surfboard out on the ‘sunny’ English coast.

Stacey Gower

Next up: meet Stacey Gower, Programme Lead at Engine. Ensuring that the Engine platform is delivered to clients effectively is Stacey’s biggest priority. She manages the process so clients can be up and running with Engine as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Much of Stacey’s work starts at the relative beginning of the client journey, such as providing responses to proposals (RFPs) or requests for information (RFIs), deciphering what clients are looking for in a new solution. This relationship extends all the way through from daily stand ups to providing technical solutions. She often knows what clients need before they do!

The thing that inspires Stacey most about working at Engine is the feeling that we’re building something unique. Having spent four years working closely with Starling’s engineering teams and witnessing first hand how brilliant the technology is, she can’t wait to see how we can revolutionise other banks.

Stacey is also an avid sports lover; netball, tennis & swimming. You name it, she probably plays it.

Nick Drewett

Engine is a relatively new platform in the core banking market, so growing the business is a key priority. Enter Nick Drewett, Engine’s Chief Commercial Officer.

Nick has spent over 30 years honing his knowledge of banking, lending and data systems in a range of roles at IBM, PwC and Deloitte. He knows this world inside out, and brings all that knowledge and expertise to Engine to ensure we’re always improving our proposition to clients.

Ultimately his role as Chief Commercial Officer is to grow the business sustainably. He works closely with clients, partners and prospective clients to understand their vision and challenges, and to establish long term relationships.

On a day-to-day basis, Nick regularly meets with clients to build an understanding of their business and goals, to explain how Engine could be a solution for them, and then establish a trusted corporate relationship through implementation and beyond.

Nick is especially excited by the opportunity to make banking better by partnering with banks to modernise their systems, a hugely worthwhile cause.

He recently ran his first (and quite possibly last) ultramarathon.

Victoria Newton

While Engine’s platform already offers a comprehensive set of capabilities to run a digital bank, these capabilities and features are constantly being assessed, improved and built on to ensure our proposition is best-in-class. Leading the way on this is Victoria Newton, Engine’s Chief Product Officer.

She spearheads the development of the Engine proposition, understanding the needs of new clients and how the platform can best work for them.

Like many of the team, Victoria has been at Starling for a number of years, and has seen the bank go from strength to strength – particularly in the business banking space. She brings a wealth of expertise to the table for Engine’s clients as they work to define their goals and challenges, along with what products and features they’d like to bring to market.

As a true ‘product geek’, Victoria is especially excited by crafting digitally-native experiences in collaboration with clients on the Engine platform, with the ultimate goal of giving customers access to fundamentally better, modern banking facilities.

Sam Everington

Last but by no means least, meet Sam Everington, CEO of Engine.

While being Engine’s CEO, Sam is a software engineer at heart and enjoys the detail as well as the bigger picture. He joined Starling in 2016 to deliver the systems and apps required to launch Starling’s current accounts in the UK, excited by the opportunity to deliver rapid product and technical innovation and disrupt a slow-moving and change averse sector.

He led the development and design of the highly scalable, modular and cloud native core banking platform that powers Starling. In other words: he knows the Engine technology inside out and understands how much it can bring to other organisations via our Software as a Service offering.

Sam works closely with the full spectrum of stakeholders – the Engine team, board, clients, partners, suppliers and potential clients. He ensures the unique benefits of Engine are properly developed, communicated, implemented, evolved and delivered to success.

Sam’s biggest driver is seeing change in action. It’s one thing to discuss an idea, but quite another to see that idea come to life and have customers delight in using it. This is something he’s excited to see realised with Engine: true change for banking customers around the world.

Sam has travelled to more countries and spoken to more banks than we dare count as part of his work with Engine, and has a healthy collection of fridge magnets to boot.

Now that you’ve been introduced, we’re looking forward to you seeing how we can help. Get in touch to discuss what’s possible.