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Hello, we’re Engine.

We’re the people behind the platform that powers Starling, one of the world’s most successful digital banks.

Engine by Starling

About Us

We’re the people behind the platform that powers Starling, one of the world’s most successful digital banks. As Starling goes from strength to strength, our team of technologists, financial experts, developers, designers and product specialists are giving banks, building societies, fintechs and corporates the ability to build extraordinary banking products on our SaaS platform.

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Our mission

Proven Scale.
Proven People.

We’ve proven our approach with Starling Bank, a four-times winner of the Best British Bank award. Now - having successfully given over 4 million customers a new way to spend, save and manage their money - we’re taking the Engine technology global, on a mission to power the banks of the future.

Forbes 2023 World's Best Bank award, powered by Statista
Forbes Best British Bank award for 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021
Which? Current Accounts Recommended Provider award for October 2022
Finder award 2023


Aim for greatness

In everything we do, we strive to deliver the best possible outcome. If something’s worth making, it’s worth making it great.


Keep it simple

There’s beauty (and speed) in simplicity. From the way we speak to the tech we build, we want to be simple and clear in everything we do.


Do the right thing

Ethics aren’t an afterthought - they’re our driving force. Doing what’s best for our communities and the planet is central to our mission.


Own it

Smart people thrive when they’re given freedom. Our people like to get their hands dirty, figure things out and take ownership.



We listen to each other and our clients - because everyone has something different to teach us, and diversity of thought makes our work better.


Meet the leadership team

Sam Everington, CEO

Sam Everington

As CEO, Sam is responsible for delivering our market-leading banking platform to financial institutions around the world. Previously, he led the development and design of the highly scalable, modular and cloud native core banking platform that powers Starling Bank.

Mariam Ogunbambi, Chief Client Officer

Mariam Ogunbambi

Mariam is Chief Client Officer, leading the management of Engine’s existing clients, from implementation to relationship and success management. Previously at Starling, she delivered the integrations that allowed the bank to be the first in the UK to launch Apple Pay in-app provisioning and to fully automate the Current Account Switch Service.

Victoria Newton, Chief Product Officer

Victoria Newton

Victoria is Chief Product Officer, leading on the strategy of the Engine business and advancement of the proposition. Previously, she had a career as a financial services consultant, and built out Starling’s business banking offering and Marketplace of 3rd party integrations.

Nick Drewett, Chief Commercial Officer

Nick Drewett

Nick is Chief Commercial Officer, responsible for Engine’s commercial and business strategy and for driving growth. Before Engine, Nick was an Executive Partner at IBM Global Business Services UK, working with clients such as ANZ, RBS and Virgin Money.

Araminta Russell, Strategic Programmes Director

Araminta Russell

Araminta is our Strategic Programmes Director. She shapes our approach to solution design and programme implementation. Previously at Starling, she set up the service desk function and launched Post Office cash deposits, 3D secure and cheque imaging in the UK.

Our mission

How we work

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We are focussed on creating impactful change with our clients. Our real-world experience means we know how important it is for projects to achieve real, actionable outcomes. So, we always stay focused on ensuring that our best-in-class technology genuinely delivers for customers.



We’re not just a technology provider; we’ve also built a bank. By working with us, you’ll get to collaborate with the team responsible for building a profitable digital bank. Every member of our leadership team is an expert in their field - and our people are curious by nature, always striving to learn more and solve challenges.



Our cloud-native platform allows you to configure products with rich digital features. That agility is reflected in our culture and people: we’re always evolving, figuring out how we can do things better and making it happen. Fast.

Engine by Starling

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Meet the team behind Engine

There’s a clear advantage to what Engine customers get when they work with us: access to the people that have actively shaped the platform that powers Starling, one of the most successful digital banks in the UK.

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